Our Produce

Here at Conies we have a herd of Pedigree Sussex cattle, a beautiful, traditional breed of docile cattle, native to this county. They are well loved by chefs and 'foodies' alike for the fabulous marbling and moorish flavour of the beef they produce. We raise our cattle on grass pasture in the summer months and through the winter they are housed in our barn where they are kept cosy and warm and are fed on silage and hay. We produce this fodder ourselves to ensure that our livestock are kept to the highest standards. Our cattle are raised to 20-24 months and when they are ready, they go to our local butcher who matures the meat for 28 days before butchery to seal in the flavour.

We breed Gloucester Old Spot pigs too, a traditional heritage breed that produces a pork chop like the way they used to taste...juicy and flavoursome with that all important layer of fat for flavour. Not forgetting of course our flock of laying hens who provide us with scrummy, free-range, golden yoked eggs year-round, customers 'flock' from all around to buy our eggs.

We are passionate about what we do and love our animals, the quality of our produce is testament to that. We are proud to supply our meat to award winning butchers Alec Coughtrey of Pulborough and John Murray of Loxwood together with local pubs and restaurants.

Alec Coughtrey butcher 

John Murray

Gloucester Old Spot - Sausages

Gloucester Old Spot - Thick cut bacon

Gloucester Old Spot - Pork Chop

Sussex Topside of Beef

Free-range Eggs