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Pigs on a frosty morning

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'Pimms 'o' Clock' checking livestock

We'll make no bones about it (pardon the pun!) we love eating quality meat. The reason we started rearing our own stock was because we wanted to produce succulent, well aged, marbled, delicious steak. If you put goodness into your animals you get goodness out, no added nasties or factory produced meat for us thank you! That is why our cattle graze on grass, our chickens live out on pasture and our pigs enjoy apples from the orchard.

That doesn't mean to say we see our animals purely as a commodity, there is nothing can beat the sheer delight of a new-born or anything nicer than a 'Pimms 'o' clock' moment at the end of the day when we check on our stock; feed, and bed up for the night, mulling over the day together.


Our farm is called conies, what is a cony?...

Co-ny noun (co-nies pl.) /ˈkəʊni/

  1. A rabbit, especially the European rabbit.
  2. Same as HYRAX.
  3. The pika (genus Ochotona).

Also coney - (ME. coni - L. cuniculus, rabbit)*
*New Practical Standard Dictionary, Funk and Wagnalls Company New York, 1956